Thursday, June 26, 2014

In which we get a nibble from National Geographic Kids

Friends, something went down in New Paltz, New York last weekend. Something small, nerdy, and delightful. It was:

I learned many, many delicious things there, but most importantly, I met one Ms. Shelby Alinsky, Children's Book Editor at National Geographic Kids. Take a good look at Shelby, my Rockstar #1.

Shelby (left) and I weren't actually
standing in a lovely meadow.
But we look nice there, right?
I had arranged for a one-on-one consultation with Shelby, and I confess to some nerves. National Geographic Kids is one of the publishers I have daydreamed about for years, and now I was meeting an actual, living, Homo Sapien editor who might just hate the Timeline. Oh, jeez, how's my hair?

Rarely have my fears been so thoroughly dismissed by reality. Shelby is lovely. Within a few minutes was on the floor with me, checking out the Timeline and asking great questions. We got to chatting, and ended up taking about 45 minutes instead of the planned 15.

Best of all, she expressed interest! She took a Timeline and Ancient Creature Cards to "discuss with the team." By the end of the weekend she was saying things like, "I could see a great future for this." Oh, Shelby, how I love thee.

I know, I know, I know. I shouldn't get my hopes up and all that. Whatever. They're up already.

David (left) and I weren't really flying
through space close to the Rosette Nebula.
But he's a big ol' space geek, so I put us there.
Also, there was a Rockstar #2, one David Aguilar, Director of Science Information at the Harvard Observatory, and author of many great books for kids about space. Check out this recent one, which also deals with evolution in really funny, unexpected ways.

David and I also had a one-on-one consultation, in which he was kind and supportive. By the end of the weekend we were like old friends. Well, old friends who just met. And who don't really know each other. Listen, I got his card, what do you want?

So there you have it: hope.


  1. Oh, that is great news! Fingers crossed for you!

    In the meantime, isn't there any way to order a playmat? I have been waiting for years and my oldest is about to outgrow it and my youngest is at the perfect age.

  2. I'm so sorry, but there just aren't any left. I wish I could send one to you for your little ones. But hopefully something will work out with Nat Geo and there will be plenty of them everywhere! Stay tuned.

  3. Yay! Hope!!!! Very exciting. If there is now an official wait list for people who want a timeline, please put me on it. :-) Is there a petition I can sign? Someone I can call and beg? A place to at least express my desire to obtain several? And if anyone out there has one you are ready to part with, put that baby up on eBay so we can put your kid through college outbidding each other for it.
    Fingers crossed for big, big, GIANT things to happen soon

    1. Wow, Unanomada, thanks so much for your two great suggestions. I think I'll look into the wait list / petition idea -- that might be very powerful to show to potential publishers. And the eBay thought. Hmmm. Will have to think on how to work that one. Thanks again!

  4. Wonderful, Kate! Fingers crossed, this product needs to get onto the walls/floors of households across the country. Keep me posted...