Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New evolution toys for kids! So happy.

Update: This deal fell through. Click here for the sad story. 

New evolution toys
For the millions of you out there mourning the loss of Charlie's Playhouse and the Giant Evolution Timeline...
Introducing  new evolution toys for young kids, hooray! 
Get'cher monthly shipment of fun evolution stuff! Look closely and you'll see the Giant Timeline in a new guise,surrounded by lots of other new materials for your little ones.
And they're made by Palm Kids, a straight-up, actual, legit company that has customer service and everything. 

They aren't in production yet, but if enough people pre-order the free first installment (did I say free? I meant to say free! ) then the first new products will be shipped right to your door, into the hands of that pesky kid who is asking you where dinosaurs came from.
To pre-order, you'll need to give your name, shipping address, email, and opinion. Product is free, but shipping would be about five bucks. No credit cards needed now, and no obligation to buy anything else, truly. I am a parent and scam-hater too.

We need you! And your grandmother, and your friends, and your dentist, and anyone else you can think of, to show the demand

(Otherwise, no new evolution toys. Insert sad trumpet sound.)


  1. I didn't get where I am today without evolution! So I am happy that this company exists!

  2. Yay! Charlie's Playhouse evolves! So excited to see this work continue -- the need is still great!

  3. Awwww....bummer. We have the timeline and I had wanted the ancient creature cards to go with it. I went looking for why they were out of stock at Amazon and now I know.

    Sadly the toy thing isn't really what we're looking for. Best wishes for the future - I'm sure there are other families who would love something like it. This homeschooling mom's off to make some adjustments to her evolution unit.

  4. I can't open the links. Palmkids doesn't work?

    1. Hi Sergio - No, the deal fell through, sadly. Will update this post, thanks. -- Kate