Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello there, Disappointment. Please come right in.

Fans of the Giant Evolution Timeline, I salute you.

Last summer when I requested help with persuading a company to produce the Giant Evolution Timeline, you responded beautifully. You are clearly a discerning, talented, and good-looking bunch.

And now lets all prepare ourselves for the arrival of Disappointment.

Before we usher Disappointment into the living room and offer it a drink, let me lay out a few key facts regarding the company that expressed interest in producing the Giant Evolution Timeline:

  • Emails to my contact there have gone unanswered all summer.
  • As of this week their website seems to be down. I get an error message about robot.txt or something.
  • The company's social media sites haven't been updated in a couple of months.
  • The President appears to be working somewhere else now.
  • The other day I left a message with the only voice mail that picked up. No response.
...aaaaaaand now we can open wide the door and invite Disappointment in. Somebody please take its coat and hat. Oh, and I'll share in that drink.

Clearly this company isn't going to produce anything soon. I'm curious about its fate of course, but more curious about how to get the Giant Evolution Timeline back out into the world.


  1. What about a kickstarter campaign??

  2. Thanks for this thought -- but it isn't really funding that's the big issue. It's expertise and time. I need a functioning company with manufacturing, distribution, and marketing departments who will take it over and just pay me a royalty. I learned the hard way that I can't do that myself!

  3. Well this is sad news indeed. I bought a timeline from you at an SVP some years ago and my kids love it. I bring it with me to all my school talks and the kids uniformly find it fascinating and the teachers like it. I have even tried (sadly, unsuccessfully) to get money so I could buy a bunch of them to pass out at teacher workshops for elementary school teachers. I really do hope you can find a way to get this product back on the market.

  4. I'm really sad to hear about the lack of interested toy manufacturers. I was hoping to buy the evolution mat for the coming year. I'm actually a Christian minister who's tired of telling the Adam and Eve story and want to share the Universe Story with kids. I'll be visiting some friends next week, one of whom works for the NIH and used to own a toy store! I'll run this by him and see what happens.

  5. Hi Barb - Thanks so much for your message and for passing the word along to your friend. I'll be interested to hear if anything comes of it. And thank you also for telling the universe story to the kids in your ministry! Fantastic.